Established in 2019, Captain Gorilla began as a self-funded project out of Kevin’s private home.


The lack of quality and cool designed t-shirts ,specific to the old school scene who are affordable to the average person out there, frustrated me.


As a result of this absence back in 2017, the idea was born to start this label in clothing- and accessories items with the following pillars in mind.


A lifestyle brand that identifies the 'Old School' scene and -mindset in all it's forms embedded in a 'New Style' lay-out with custom and inhouse made designs.


A label that was not only inspired by the tattoo culture but also merged with other art influences both from the past and the present whilst still respecting more traditional styles. 


A brand that cares about their quality and also offers great premium designs without the need to pay a premium price for it.


The plan merged with these goals and a couple of months, countless hours of preparations later combined with the belief it is the way to go this resulted in the label that achieves all of the above.




Next to what Captain Gorilla stands for, the bases of the brand were and always will be "quality over quantity". 

To ensure this quality with custom and inhouse made designs printed/embroidered on divers products we decided to work with an order on-demand setup.

This is realized by outsourcing our print and production to be able to meet the demand and services the brand brings.

We now enter a new stage in our brands' very short life where we want to expand even further and really earn our place in the industry. 


All feedback, good and bad, is appreciated so feel free to give us a shout at info@captaingorilla.com

We are a small Independent brand that wants to keep growing 

all thanks to your support.